A part of the Family

We created Stribbo to bring fresh, contemporary design to children’s furniture. Seeing ourselves as a part of the family, we’ve developed and produced designs that parents will love & children will enjoy.

Coming from a country that abounds in natural resources and has a rich tradition of wood-making and craftsmanship, when we became parents we hoped to use locally and sustainably manufactured products. Inspired by possibility, we saw a distinct opportunity to create highly functional, beautiful children’s furniture. We engaged a talented team of designers and engineers to bring our vision to life. With a factory that only uses local sustainable materials, Stribbo is all the things we dreamed of: sustainable, strong, contemporary & safe.

Our inspiration

The wood that is used for Stribbo products comes from local Bosnian forests and, for us, it brings about feelings of warmth and evokes memories from our own childhood. As kids, we used to spend a lot of time with our families walking through the forest, picking mushrooms, having picnics, sitting on old tree trunks and daydreaming.

Stribbo represents the connection to nature that we had as kids and want to keep in our homes today, for our own children. We want our furniture to be an element that helps create a healthy environment, a safe, calm place for a child to grow up in.

We believe we are making furniture to last, that will be passed between generations.