Our production

Bosnia and Herzegovina is very rich in forests. Bosnian wood is renowned for its high quality, mechanical and physical properties, especially in the furniture making industry, and is one of the country’s most valued commodities.

The timber we use comes from local, sustainably managed forests. We take special pride in the fact that we use exclusively local natural resources and production facilities. We work only with partners who are able to guarantee the highest standards of sustainable, eco-friendly production, work ethics, and safety.

Our textile

Of all children’s products, bedlinen and other textiles are the ones that come into direct contact with your child’s delicate skin. They provide protection, warmth and comfort; that’s why they should be cozy, soft, and above all – safe.

With that in mind, we’ve carefully selected our suppliers and use exclusively OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Product Class 1 certified textiles. This means they are guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals and absolutely safe for babies and toddlers.

In addition, we are committed to using mostly natural, breathable and sustainably produced fibers.

Our design

Though our products have a distinctive and recognizable character, they are not dominant of the space they’re in. We like to think it is all about that certain feeling you get when the right piece of furniture first enters your home: it can create an entire atmosphere or give a single distinctive note, but it always reflects your personality and lifestyle. We really wanted to make products that were so functional and inventive, that they had an inherent longevity.

Our designers

Our designers embraced our vision for Stribbo: to make highly functional, multi-purpose wooden products that conform to the highest safety standards; that reflect our inspiration by nature; that are streamlined enough to appeal to parents with preference for modern aesthetics, but soft and playful as children’s furniture should be. Filip Despot, Ivana Pavic and Tihana Taraba of Grupa Studio in Zagreb were the only designers who immediately caught on our energy and truly understood our inspiration and values.

Neisako studio

Neisako is a small design practice focusing on innovative and inspiring product design solutions. Previously working as Redesign from 2020 operates under the new name — Neisako. Studio works in a wide variety of design fields with work that is mostly driven by investigation into deeper meaning of creation through the language of geometry. It is founded by Neven and Sanja Kovačić and is based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Studio Ru:t

Studio Ru:t is a design studio founded by Tvrtko Bojić and Karla Paliska, with the idea of creating products and services that will impact how we live and work. They have been collaborating for 7 years, joining forces to deliver total design projects. With different design backgrounds they have been merging industrial design, interaction and visual communications in their practice for the commercial and cultural sector.